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C-Tech-I Reviews

Who says your kitchen has to be simply a functional space? Yes, it has to be functional, there’s not doubt about that, but it can also be aesthetically pleasing. That’s what C-Tech-I attempts to bring to the kitchen. The beautiful and functional sinks offered by C-Tech-I are a welcome addition to just about any design. C-Tech-I specializes in stainless steel sinks and faucets that are designed to bring a romantic look to the space. With clean, curving lines and carefully finished stainless steel, these sinks shine with quality craftsmanship.

As you look at the C-Tech-I lines, you cannot help but notice the distinctive shapes and overall romantic look of each piece. In order to create its showpieces, C-Tech-I collaborates with some of the top designers in Italy. Each designer then places his or her unique spin on the classic stainless steel design. Once the design is complete, C-Tech-I oversees the design process from start to finish, even making some of the sinks by hand, ensuring that the final product is beautiful, functional and durable.

C-Tech-I has an extensive selection of sinks and faucets, with over 400 models to choose from. Many of their kitchen sinks come with included accessories like pasta strainers and drain baskets to improve the functionality of the sink. Each of their sinks and faucets is part of 14 distinct lines, which have their own characteristics and overall looks. If you feel that the craftsmanship and beauty of C-Tech-I sinks is right for you, then consider choosing the line first, then choosing the specific sink that matches your size and style needs. This will help you narrow down the field from the large number of sinks the company offers to the one that will fit well in your kitchen.

Because of the 14 different lines of sinks and faucets C-Tech-I offers, it’s possible for buyers to find a sink and faucet to match just about any budget. Whether you’re looking for the highest end stainless steel sink to finish your luxury gourmet kitchen or need a more budget-friendly option for your home remodel, you’ll find that you can get beauty and quality to fit your budgetary parameters if you shop with C-Tech-I. While you search for the perfect kitchen sink and faucet for your needs, I would highly suggest that C-Tech-I should be a manufacturer you consider.

C-Tech-I Li-100

C-Tech-I Li-100

The C-Tech-I Li-100 is a very popular double bowl kitchen sink.  This brand is not as well known as Kohler or Elkay mainly because C-Tech does not sell to the home supply superstores.  Even though you cannot find these sinks in the large superstores, do not discount their quality and value.  This kitchen sink is one of my favorites because it possibly is the heaviest duty double bowl sink I can find.  It is made from 3 pieces of high quality 16 gauge stainless steel when many others are made from just two.  The Li-100 is a great sink for the price and I feel if a popular brand such as Kohler or Elkay sold this sink, it would be prices around 3 times higher.

Sink Specs:

  • Includes a set of stainless steel bottom grids
  • One basket drain
  • One stainless steel pasta strainer
  • 16-gauge premium 18/10 stainless steel three part construction
  • 10 Point Sound Pad System
  • Limited lifetime warranty