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Kitchen Sink Reviews

Deciding on a kitchen sink can be a difficult task. There are quite a few options in the market today that all seem extremely similar. Many times multiple sinks can look exactly the same although they can be quite different in price.

One main factor that affects the price is the brand name, like cars sometimes you are paying for a name.
Another factor is the gauge steel and the number of pieces of steel used to manufacture the sink. The gauge is the thickness and the lower the gauge the thicker the steel. Although what many people do not understand is this is the thickness of the steel prior to pressing the bowls. This means that the steel gets thinner after the bowls have been pressed. So the number of pieces of steel is now important. The more pieces of steel, the heavier the sink and the more durable it is.

Also lastly is the accessories included. Many times people do not realize the cost of a custom wood cutting board or stainless steel sink grids. Please take these into account when comparing kitchen sinks.

C-Tech-I Li-100

C-Tech-I Li-100

The C-Tech-I Li-100 is a very popular double bowl kitchen sink.  This brand is not as well known as Kohler or Elkay mainly because C-Tech does not sell to the home supply superstores.  Even though you cannot find these sinks in the large superstores, do not discount their quality and value.  This kitchen sink is one of my favorites because it possibly is the heaviest duty double bowl sink I can find.  It is made from 3 pieces of high quality 16 gauge stainless steel when many others are made from just two.  The Li-100 is a great sink for the price and I feel if a popular brand such as Kohler or Elkay sold this sink, it would be prices around 3 times higher.

Sink Specs:

  • Includes a set of stainless steel bottom grids
  • One basket drain
  • One stainless steel pasta strainer
  • 16-gauge premium 18/10 stainless steel three part construction
  • 10 Point Sound Pad System
  • Limited lifetime warranty